About Us - the Brohaughs

wandk1Wally and Kassy Brohaugh were long time residents of Orinda, California where, for well over 35 years, they raised their 2 sons, while Wally developed his business as a financial planner and Kassy taught school. After a time, a few clients and dear friends moved to Napa and Sonoma.  Invited for long weekends and vacations north, Kassy and Wally were romanced and enticed by the adventurous tours in wine-tasting. Captured by the magical chemistry of Napa's most famous beverage, Wally took some courses at UC Davis and started making wine in his Orinda garage. Dreams of their own home surrounded by a lush vineyard were always in the forefront.
Sometime in early 2000, a client of Wally's moved to the east side of Paso Robles near Creston, California. After a few visits to the area, the Brohaughs started looking for land to make their dreams come true. In 2004, 130 acres of striking oak studded golden rolling hills on Creston Road became theirs and Brohaugh Vineyards was founded. Originally known as the Ericson Ranch, this wonderful piece of Paso farming history supported almond orchards, hay cultivation and cattle. Plus, the perfect combined conditions of warm days, cool nights and remarkable soils were there, waiting to produce the promise of great quality wines.
The Brohaughs brought on Dana Merrill's Mesa Vineyard Management, Inc. team out of Templeton, California to design, develop and plant their first acreage in 2006. Wally was drawn to Mesa by its reputation, not only in good quality fruit growing, but also because of its firm commitment to developing new techniques in Sustainable Farming. Brohaugh Vineyards is certified in Sustainable Farming Practices. Most of the vineyard is planted on south facing slopes guaranteeing maximum sun exposure which drives full flavor development.

About Our Winemaker: Kevin Riley 

kevinThe first crop from Brohaugh Vineyard was harvested in 2008. Introductions were made by Dana Merrill between the Brohaughs and winemaker, Kevin Riley. Kevin grew up in Westport, Connecticut where he worked in his father's wine store, Greens Farm Spirit Shop. After high school in 1996, Kevin headed for California and ended up in San Luis Obispo County, where the wine industry was growing steadily. Courses in winemaking followed at Cuesta College and Cal Poly, and during this period, Kevin interned at several micro-wineries as well as training at several large production facilities. in 2002, he graduated with degree in Agricultural Business and a minor in Viticulture. By the time he was 30, he had worked at many local wineries and was a consulting winemaker for Sextant, ABJ and Pomar Junction. Now he has added Brohaugh Vineyards to his list of clients.
A conversation with Kevin reveals his own admission that he is "... totally obsessive and compulsive about winemaking. My wife says..., " he continues, "... I never take days off, because I enjoy what I do. It's not just something I do with my life, it's a part of my life. "

About The Butterflies:

bluemorphscultpure It all started with a sculpture we acquired at an art action for charity.